A few files from CQ WW 2014.

All files were recorded within minutes. Amazing to hear 4 bands wide open, Perseus and my active loop were used.and really do perform excellent taking in acount its simplicity.

40 meter 32 MB

20 meter 36 MB

15 meter 34 MB

10 meter 34 MB


Picture of 4x1meter square loop:

loop antenna

side view of loop and support, glass fiber mast

loop antenna and support

Daytime 2MHz BW spectrum plots:

3 MHz CF spectrum

7 MHz CF spectrum

17 MHz CF spectrum

27 MHz CF spectrum

Measuring noise power in a 1 kHz BW at 3510 kHz gives -112 dBm and at 2305 -121 dBm some 9 dB quieter.

As most noise seems to be related to switching power devices, I have high hope the noise will be drastically reduced if I move the antenna several 100 meters away. This will be tested ASAP