Welcome to the very preliminary Kachina web archive.

As a starter you will find the manual and the errata plus updates.

More will come please stand by...

Kachina e-mail reflector did move to a new location! Please do check http://kachina.ae5k.us/web/reflector.html to be updated about Kachina activities

Do not forget our WIKI pages provided by Don AE5K!

These documents are autogenerated by using OCR on scanned doucments.
It MAY contain errors and strange characters. Please report serious errors, thanks!

Manual w/o covers, size 370 kb
Full manual with covers, size 997 kb
Errata and updates, size 136 kb
Errata, updates and Shortcut Keys Quick Ref sheet V1.0 1997, size 280 kb


Documents can be downloaded at this address: http://www.sm5glc.se/kachina/Docs

NEW Docs and schematics on Linear Amp KC500DC!

Software can be downloaded at this address: http://www.sm5glc.se/kachina/Soft
NOTE DO NOT USE VERSION 4.xy software with firmware 3.x This will simply not work!!!!
To install version 4.41, install 4.11 or 4.21 first and then extract the files from the 4.41 archive and REPLACE the KC505.exe with the new one.

W1HKJ's superb control software, both Windows and Linux! Download the latest version!

More Kachina links: KA9CAR http://user.mc.net/~jdewey/Ham_radio/KACHINA/

Please check out this nifty s/w: N2JEU's Internet Remote Base Software. for the Kachina KC505DSP transceiver. It has been discontinued (just like our radio) but I will check it out when I get more time.

Suggestions and requests mailto:lasse@sm5glc.se

2007 September 14 SM5GLC